1114 Board Member Resignation and Vacancy

  • Upon receipt of a director's written resignation, the board will acknowledge and announce the resignation at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The resignation will be effective immediately unless otherwise stated. If a future date is stated, the resignation may be withdrawn anytime prior to the effective date.

    Board members who have resigned may not vote on the selection of their replacement.


    In case of a board vacancy, the remaining board members will fill such vacancy by appointment. The board will receive applications from any qualified persons seeking to fill the position after suitable public notice. Interviews of candidates for vacant positions will take place in a meeting open to the public. The board will appoint one of the candidates to serve until the next regularly scheduled board election, at which time a director will be elected for the unexpired term, if any.

    The appointment will be approved, by roll call vote, by not less than three members of the board. If there exists fewer than three members, the educational service district board members will appoint a sufficient number to constitute a legal majority of the board. Should the board fail to fill a vacancy within ninety (90) days from the creation of such vacancy, the educational service district board members shall fill such vacancy. Appointees shall be United States citizens and qualified voter residents of the school district and appropriate director district, if any.

    Cross References:
    Board Policy 1450        Absence of Board Member

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    Management Resources:
    Policy News, Oct. 2011        Policy Manual Revisions
    Policy News, June 2009        Board Member Resignations

    ADOPTED: 12/16/99
    REVISED: 04/27/00; 12/14/00; 10/27/05; 09/24/09; 01/26/12

    Procedure No. 1114P - Board Member Resignation and Vacancies

    When a vacancy occurs on the board, it is in the best interest of the district to encourage as many able citizens as possible to consider becoming a school director. To that end, the following procedures will be used to identify and appoint citizens to fill Board vacancies: 

    A.   Announcement of the vacancy and the procedure for filling it will be made in the general news media as well as general district publications.
    B.    All citizens will be invited to nominate candidates for the position provided that the nominees will be residents of the director district in which the vacancy occurs.
    C.    The board secretary will notify all nominees by sending them a summary of director responsibilities and requesting from them a biographical sketch as well as a statement about their interest in being a board member. Upon their request, the board secretary will provide nominees with orientation information.
    D.   The board will screen the nominees.

    1. If there are more than five, it will select for interviews the five whose prior experience and expressed interest suggest that they will be most able to contribute breadth of view to the board's deliberations as well as effectively represent a large segment of the community. The interview will be conducted in open session.

    2. Possible topics to discuss during the interview are: 

         a.  Review the WSSDA Board Standards with the group of board candidates.
         b.  Give a brief biographical sketch of self:  training, interests, experience on policy boards, community and/or school activities, etc.
         c.  Describe the major strengths of the district.
         d.  Describe the major shortcomings of the district.
         e.  Describe how your experience, training and interest can contribute to the improvement of the district.
         f.  Identify any commitments which might prevent you from attending regularly scheduled meetings, participation in workshops, reviewing study materials, ability to attend state and national meetings.
         g.  Allow the candidate an opportunity to ask any questions.

    E.     The board will appoint the candidate who in the judgment of at least three members of the board is most likely to contribute to the growth and development of the district's educational programs and operations.

    F.     The board secretary will prepare for the signatures of all board members a letter thanking all candidates for the position and commending them for their interest in the district.

    ADOPTED:  05/17/90
    REVISED:  06/10/93; 08/28/97; 01/26/12