Staff will notify Child Protective Services or law enforcement when they reasonably believe a student has been abused or neglected and report any suspected evidence to the principal or nurse. By doing so, they are protected from civil and criminal liability. Child abuse and/or neglect cases must be reported within 48 hours. (RCW 26.44.030, RCW 26.44.040, Policy 3421, Procedure 3421P) School counselors are available to work with students individually on concerns including divorce, child abuse, etc. Contact your school’s counseling office. Available for sexual concerns is Mary Bridge’s Child Abuse Intervention Dept (CAID) and can be contacted at (253) 403-1478.

    CRIMESTOPPERS – 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

    Yelm Student CrimeStoppers offers students and families a variety of ways to anonymously report past, present or future dangerous situations or crimes at school or in our community. School-related tips are routed to school officials and community tips are routed to law enforcement offices. Rewards of up to $1,000 are paid for certain tips. CrimeStoppers has a 24-hour manned call center to receive anonymous tips via phone call, online app, or web site. To learn how to report a tip, please visit our web site at www.ycs.wednet.edu.


    On occasion, it is necessary for law enforcement officers or Child Protective Services (CPS) authorities to interview students or take them into custody during school hours. In such instances, the district will act in accordance with procedures established in Policies 3124, 4310 and Procedures 3124P, 4310P.


    A student will not be released from school grounds, any school building or school function during school hours except by a person duly authorized in accordance with district procedures. Before a student is removed or excused, the person seeking to remove the student must present to the satisfaction of the principal or designee evidence of his/her proper authority to remove the student. Exceptions will be made when protective custody is dictated by appropriate legal authorities and in cases where the student is subject to arrest. (RCW 28A.605.010)

    STOP !T

    Students can report issues of inappropriate behavior using the online tool STOP !T.  It is a safe and secure tool which is 100% anonymous, 100% of the time. Students report anonymously via mobile app, web, or phone hotline service.  

    Website link - https://appweb.stopitsolutions.com/login            Access Code:  (see website for code)