Skilled & Technical Sciences

  • Career Clusters are made up of multiple pathways. Review the “Career Cluster At-A-Glance” for the area you are interested in to learn about the Program of Study options. Additional resource links are embedded in each document.
    • Take a look at what types of jobs are available in various career pathways.
    • Learn what classes you can take in high school to prepare you for education and training after you graduate.
    • Explore the levels of education and programs available.
    • Most of all, get involved in activities that help you prepare for your future.

CTE Course Sequences for Graduation Pathways

  • Students may demonstration graduation readiness by taking a sequence of courses in the Skilled & Technical Science Programs.  Any student that completes 2.0+ credits in an approved program area listed below (one credit transcribed from each column) will meet the Graduation Readiness CTE Pathway. Visit our course catalog for detailed course descriptions and short videos for Automotive, Manufacturing, Stagecraft and Video Production.

    Course Sequences 1.0 Credit 1.0 Credit
    Automotive Auto Basics
    Auto Systems
    Auto Services
    Auto Services I
    Auto Services II
    Automotive Small Engines 1
    Small Engines 2
    Auto Basics
    Auto Service I
    Manufacturing Manufacturing 1
    Manufacturing 2
    Manufacturing 3
    Manufacturing 4
    Applied Physics
    Stagecraft Stagecraft
    Scenic Design
    Adv Stagecraft
    Adv Stagecraft
    Stagecraft Production A/B
    Video Production Tech Comm A/B Video Production 1
    Video Production 2
    Video Production Digital Photo Journalism
    Video Production 1
    Video Production 2
    Video Production Digital Photo Journalism
    Digital Design
    Video Production 1
    Video Production 2


  • Construction
    Design and Pre-Construction
    Maintenance and Operations

    Manufacturing Production Process Development
    Installation and Repair
    Quality Assurance 
    Logistics and Inventory Control
    Health Safety and Environmental Assurance

    Engineering and Technology 
    Science and Math

    Facility and mobile equipment maintenance
    Health, safety and environmental management 
    Logistics planning and management service
    Sales and service
    Transportation operations
    Transportation systems and infrastructure
    Planning, management and regulation
    Warehousing and distribution center operations