AWSP (Association of Washington School Principals) Leadership Framework

  • In 2016 Yelm Community Schools adopted its leadership framework for principals and principal evaluation. The Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP) Leadership Framework is by far the most popular in the state and aligns strongly with the state criteria for principal evaluation. Just like teachers, principals are evaluated yearly using state established criteria.  The AWSP Leadership Framework creates a common vocabulary for discussion, training and feedback on the eight criterion areas.  
    • Creating a culture
    • Ensuring school safety
    • Planning with data
    • Aligning curriculum
    • Improving Instruction
    • Managing resources
    • Engaging communities
    • Closing the (achievement) gap

     Principal evaluation can take two forms - Comprehensive or Focused. Comprehensive evaluation requires the leader to be evaluated on all eight criteria. Focused evaluation allows for selected criteria to be targeted for evaluation and in Yelm Community Schools we select “Creating a culture” and “Improving instruction.” This aligns the evaluation work with our school improvement plan process. Principals are trained yearly on the framework.

    More information about the AWSP Leadership Framework can be found on the AWSP website.