Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO)

  • Leadership can be defined as the ability to preside, guide, or manage self, others, activities, or events with responsibility for the final outcome. CTSO programs and activities provide students the opportunity to extend what they learn in the classroom.  These activities and events are opportunities to interact in a professional environment with a diverse group of peers while learning from professionals in industries related to the curriculum. These would include various meetings, community service projects, and local, state, regional, national and international activities, conferences, and/or competitions.

    Leadership skills empower each student to assume responsible roles in the family, community, business and industry environments.  Understanding and demonstrating these skills are key to success in post-secondary education, future employment opportunities, and becoming a contributing citizen in our community.

    Students are encouraged to participate in the following CTSO’s offered at the middle and high schools.  Contact the advisor or officers to join the team.

Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSO)

  • American Sign Language

  • Educators Rising

  • DECA

  • FBLA

  • FFA

  • SkillsUSA

  • Sports Medicine (WCTSMA)

  • Thespian