Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO)

  • CTSOs Leadership can be defined as the ability to preside, guide, or manage self, others, activities, or events with responsibility for the final outcome. CTSO programs and activities provide students the opportunity to extend what they learn in the classroom.  These activities and events are opportunities to interact in a professional environment with a diverse group of peers while learning from professionals in industries related to the curriculum. These would include various meetings, community service projects, and local, state, regional, national and international activities, conferences, and/or competitions.

    Leadership skills empower each student to assume responsible roles in the family, community, business and industry environments.  Understanding and demonstrating these skills are key to success in post-secondary education, future employment opportunities, and becoming a contributing citizen in our community.

    Students are encouraged to participate in the following CTSO’s offered at the middle and high schools.  Contact the advisor or officers to join the team.

  • CTSO Advisor(s) Officers  Meeting Schedule


    Randy Swilley


    Check with Mr. Swilley in the Pt 7 for meeting times and day


    Kayte Anchors
    Karla Blowers
    JoLynne Hopkins
    Melissa Jackson
    Caleb Williams
    Kristin Wolf

    President: Jackson Nelson
    Vice President: Jayden Beasley
    Treasurer: Noah Mejia
    Secretary: Madison Chamberlin
    Historian: Radcliffe Cushman
    Public Relations: Rhylee Carlson


    General Meeting: 1st & 2nd Tuesday of the Month

    General Meeting: 3rd & 4th Tuesday of the Month
    Portable 26/27 (Ms. Wolf & Ms. Hopkins)

    Officer/Advisor Meeting: 1st Tuesday of the Month
    YHS Room 323 (Ms. Blowers)

    Committee Mtg: 3rd Tues of the Month
    Competitive Event Prep: 4th Tues. of the Month 


    Austin Baker
    Matt Chisam
    Dawn Lantz
    Hillary Hull
    Jordan Hummel
    Matt Mounts
    Dusti Nash
    Lisa Todisco
    Lorraine Wikoff

    President: Kylee Olson
    1st Vice Pres: Illey Wall
    2nd Vice Pres: Kendall Lawson
    3rd Vice Pres: Jakob Huttman
    Secretary: Liv Silva
    Treasurer: AJ Carney
    Reporter: Nora Tarbox
    Sentinel: Abagail Ikari
    Historian: Mara Ottman
    Parliamentarian: Aiden Kortjohn

    Officer Meetings: Weekly 7 am on Tuesdays

    Committee Meetings: Weekly 2 pm Wednesdays

    Competitive Events Practices: Vary by event - see advisor

    Activities: Vary - see Advisor or FFA boards


    Hannah McLaughlin

    President: Zoey Blanch
    Vice President: Ralph Dahlberg
    Secretary/Treasurer: Tessa Jordan
    Admin Apprentice: Grayson Trif
    Media Manager: Arianna (Atari) McDaniels
    Tech Manager: Suzie Kofoed

    General Meetings: First Wednesday of the Month
    2-3 pm YHS PAC


    Dawn Kraves

    President: Trenton Sledge
    Vice President:Molly Corak
    Secretary: Marissa Roberts
    Treasurer: Briana Gonzales

    General Meeting:
    Every Tuesday of the Month, 2-3 pm

    Business meetings held Thursdays if needed


    Gary Clinton

    President: Madison Overlin
    Vice President: Molly Corak
    Treasurer: Briana Gonzales
    Secretary: Marissa Roberts

    General Meeting: 1st Wednesday of the Month
    2-3 pm - Room 332

    Business meetings held Thursdays if needed

    STEM (YHS)

    Sean Pollock



    STEM (RMS)

    Chris Fanning


    STEM (YMS)

    Bethany Wennerstrom