K12 ED Department Goals

  • Welcome to the Yelm Community Schools K-12 Education Department. Our goal, LEARN  CHANGE  GROW, is to increase the efforts to meet the learning needs of EACH student as we progress toward becoming a top performing district!

    Dr. Lisa Cadero-Smith, Assistant Superintendent of K12 Education
    100% Implementation of Tier I MTSS-B Systems at all Schools:
    1. 80% implementation of  MTSS-B Tier I TFI 15 features 
    2. 100% submission of MTSS-B meeting schedules 
    3. 100% submission of MTSS-B staff professional development calendars 
    100% Implementation of Tier I District Systems:
    1. Tier I strategies identified at the elementary and secondary levels districtwide
    2. Districtwide discipline codes and corresponding interventions established at the elementary and secondary levels districtwide

    Mr. Shannon Powell, Director of Student Support
    Post-Secondary & Learning Focus. The OSS Department will use data-informed practices to further advance post-secondary planning through intentional monthly collaboration and professional development with the Career and Technical Department. 
    This will be evidenced by:
    1. Special Education and CTE Teacher quarterly meetings
    2. Active involvement in IEP meetings
    3. More robust HSBPs
    4. Post-secondary data, when compared to statewide averages, will show a higher engagement rate, 53.8% and 27.8% respectively
    5. Increase in the graduation rate for students with IEPs from 63.4% to 65%

    Teri Pablo, Director of Communications and Career and Technical Education
    Implement CTE Dual Credit and Industry Certification aligned to instruction of industry standards that support the rigorous outcomes required by  the HSBP and Graduation Pathways by:
    1. Monitoring enrollment of students in CTE Dual Credit courses and their progress in attaining credit
    2. Communicating with students who have attained credit on how to access their college transcripts
    3. Monitoring achievement of Industry Certification (with special interest in new Applied Physics course)

    Mr. Kurt Fourre, Director of Assessments, Grants, and Student Data Management
    Develop a district-wide assessment and data system which is the primary focus of our district’s leadership theory of action.  With a comprehensive assessment system, we will be able to track student progress and teacher effectiveness as well as more effectively plan instruction in order to address challenges presented in the data.  The system will be characterized by:
    1. A single stop data system where discipline, attendance, and academic data can be accessed by school and district staff
    2. A comprehensive assessment map that outlines key assessments (State, BM, IABs, CBAs) and where they fit into the instructional scope/sequence and pacing guides
    3. Increased assessment and data literacy of building administrators
    4. A single location for assessment data accessible to district administrators

    Ms. Kendall McNutt, Director of Student Learning
    Continue developing a cohesive system of mathematics instruction that supports all learners across PK through 12.
    1. Provide professional development opportunities PK-12
    2. Review interim and benchmark data as it is available
    3. Collaborate with leadership to determine and plan for support needs

    Dr. Ellen Cavanaugh, Assistant Director of Special Services 
    Improve Special Education compliance through a multi-pronged approach including:
    1. A foci on communication systems
    2. Implement monthly memos
    3. Focus on case studies and compliance
    4. Monitor WA-AIM assessment participation
    5. Apply for Safety Net Funds
    6. Offer peer review professional Development for Special Education staff
    Compliance improvement will be measured through multi-year IEP monitoring and securing of Safety Net Funds 

    Ms. Brianne Knighton, Coordinator of Behavior Interventions
    Increase the social, communication, and positive behavior skills of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and similar needs in the newly established SELF (Social, Emotional, Learning, Focus) Program.
    1. Fully Staff program (100%)
    2. Place students based on LRE (ongoing)
    3. Monitor Progress
    4. Communicate with families 

    Ms. Erin Bayer, Coordinator of Student Support
    ELL, Improve the instructional model for English Language Learners:
    1. Monitor the enrollment of ELL students within our district and seek out ways to remove barriers for students
    2. Provide professional development for general education teachers on ELL best practices
    Title/LAP: Implement effective family engagement practices:
    1. Offer parent materials in Spanish
    2. Train Title 1 certified staff to complete activities and provide documentation for CPR

    Ms. Brittany LaPalm, Coordinator of Student Support
    Develop and implement high-quality emergency operations and safety plans for Yelm Community Schools:
    1. Provide ALICE training for ALL YCS students and staff
    2. Implement a blended learning approach combining ELearning with onsite group scenarios
    3. Become a training site to train other staff
    4. Have an ALICE Trainer in each building