Department Goals

  • Welcome to the Office of Student Learning Department. These are our department goals for 2022-23.

    Dr. Lisa Cadero-Smith, Assistant Superintendent

    • Associate in Arts Direct Transfer Degree (AA-DTA): Collaborate with key stakeholders to ensure course offerings are strategically expanded and students are on-track to graduate with the AA-DTA Degree in four years. 

    • High School and Beyond Plan: Collaborate with key stakeholders to support and monitor the 6-12 High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP), ensuring that students are on-track to graduate with a postsecondary plan.

    Kendall McNutt, Director of Student Learning

    • Provide support to building principals in increasing access to valuable instructional coaching support and professional learning for staff.

    • Provide guidance, plan district level support, and manage implementation for Eureka2 and Illustrative Math curricula, instructional practices, and assessment tools.

    Kurt Fourre, Director of Assessments, Grants, and Student Data Management

    • Provide effective system-wide professional development in the use of EduClimber to ensure administrators and teachers can access their students’ assessment, attendance, and discipline data, which will lead to the ability to engage in root cause analysis/action planning, resulting in improved student outcomes.

    • Provide effective professional development to administrators so they can access and monitor formative/summative assessments and engage staff in root cause analysis based on results, which will lead to action plans that result in improved math outcomes.

    Daria McCracken, MTSS Coordinator

    • Engage district staff in the development of comprehensive Multi-Tiered Systems of Support that address the needs of the whole child in the areas of academics, behavior, and social emotional learning in order to create a guaranteed and viable system of tiered responses for all students depending on strengths and needs.

    Barb Meekhof, OSL Programs Coordinator

    • Provide targeted collaboration and planning with the OSL team, to support deeper understanding of the Since Time Immemorial curriculum and ensure Native and non-Native student understanding of the history.

    Liz Satiacum, Native American Education Program Coordinator

    • Engage in effective weekly planning and execution strategies aligned to the YCS Native American Education Program and Nisqually Tribe goals to ensure 100% of Native students are on a path, starting in kindergarten, to achieve 100% on-time graduation with a plan.

    Kula Pixler, Office Professional IV

    • Effectively communicate Office of Student Learning programs and initiatives through the department web page, weekly Trending publication, and ongoing stakeholder communications to ensure clear vision, execution, and implementation of OSL initiatives in alignment with the YCS Strategic Plan.