Advanced Academics

  • The purpose of the Advanced Academics Program in Yelm Community Schools is to provide services for students within the school day, at their home school and by a classroom teacher.   The areas currently served include English Language Arts and Mathematics.  The Advanced Academics Program is for students who demonstrate or show potential for performing at significantly advanced academic levels when compared to others of their age, experiences, or environments.

    Program Goals:

    • Provide differentiated instruction to students in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics whose needs cannot be met through the core curricula.
    • Provide an environment which encourages divergent thinking, creative problem solving, and higher-level thinking.
    • Provide opportunities for self-directed learning.
    • Ensure that advanced students are appropriately challenged and are making strong academic growth.

    Teachers implement Common Core State Standards with differentiation as a focus.  Teachers also use their knowledge of students and ongoing assessments to provide multiple mediums in which students can show their knowledge and skills based on their strengths and areas for growth.


  • Advanced Academics Timeline

    November: Referrals Accepted (Parent, and teacher permission to test)
    December-February: Testing Window (Screener and/or full battery)
    March-April: Eligibility Determined (Via multidisciplinary team)
    May: Parents Notified (CogAt profile given to families)
    September of the following school year: Beginning of Services (Permission to serve must be submitted)