Required Notices to Staff and Students

  • Safe & Drug-Free Schools

    Student Exceptional Misconduct

    The following are prohibited during school time, on school district property or transportation or premises provided by contractors or agents, during school-sponsored activities, or if conducted in a manner materially or substantially affecting the educational process. The following are exceptional misconduct and can be cause for discipline, disciplinary transfer, suspension or expulsion, as well as reporting to law enforcement:
    • Intimidation/Threat—Interfering with the discharge of the duties of district personnel or employees of district contractors or the peaceful conduct of other students by intimidation with threat of force or violence.
    • Harassment/Bullying—Intentionally intimidating, annoying or bothering another person.
    • Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and controlled substances—A student shall not possess, use, sell, distribute, attempt to distribute or be under the influence of or show evidence of having used any alcohol, illegal drug or controlled substance or item which is purported to be an illegal drug or controlled substance. (Procedure 3240P)
    • Weapons and explosives—Possession of a weapon, explosive or other item apparently capable of causing bodily harm. Possession of firearms on school property will result in a one-year mandatory expulsion, subject to appeal with notification to parents and law enforcement. (RCW 28A.600.420) Students who possess firearms or air guns on district property or at school activities will be expelled. (Policy 3240, 3241, 4210, and Procedure 3240P, 3241P) Students in possession of any object that looks like a weapon, such as a toy or “dummy” gun, knife or grenade, or any item that acts as a laser pointer, may be subject to discipline, disciplinary transfer, suspension or expulsion, as well as reporting to law enforcement.

    STAFF: Drug-Free Schools, Community & Workplace

    The board has an obligation to staff, students and citizens to take reasonable steps to assure safety in the workplace and to provide safety and high quality performance for the students that the staff serves.
    “Workplace” is defined to mean the site for the performance of work done in connection with a federal grant. That includes any school building or any school premises; any school-owned vehicle or any other school-approved vehicle used to transport students to and from school or school activities; off school property during any school-sponsored activity, event or function, such as a field trip or athletic event, where students are under the jurisdiction of the school district where work on a federal grant is performed.
    For these purposes, the board declares that the following behaviors will not be tolerated:
    • Reporting to work under the influence of alcohol, illegal and/or controlled substances including marijuana (cannabis).
    • Using, possessing, transmitting alcohol, illegal and/or controlled substances including marijuana (cannabis) and anabolic steroids in any amount or in any manner on district property at any time or when involved in a school district activity on or off school district property. Any staff member convicted of a felony attributable to the use, possession, or sale of illegal and/or controlled substances including marijuana (cannabis) will be subject to disciplinary action, including immediate termination.
    • Using district property or the staff member's position within the district to make or traffic alcohol, illegal and/or controlled substances.
    • Using, possessing or transmitting illegal and/or controlled substances. 
    • Possession of firearms on school property is prohibited.

    STAFF: Use of Tobacco on School Property

    The Board of Directors recognizes that to protect students from exposure to the addictive substance of nicotine, employees and officers of the school district, and all members of the community, have an obligation as role models to refrain from tobacco use on school property.
    Smoking or any other use of tobacco products shall be prohibited on school district property. This shall include all district buildings, grounds and district-owned vehicles.
    Notices advising district employees, students and patrons of this policy shall be posted in appropriate locations in all district buildings and at other district facilities as determined by the superintendent. Employee and student handbooks shall include notice that using tobacco on school property is prohibited. Employees and students are subject to discipline for violations of this policy, and school district employees are responsible for the enforcement of the policy.