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    Students in Action (Fitness Stations)

    Mr. Moore, Ms. Yenne, Ms. Bassett and Mrs. Caramandi all enjoy living a healthy and active lifestyle and convey this message to students daily.  In Physical Education students learn a variety of activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle as they grow.  Skills that they learn along the way are self-discipline, social skills, peer relationships, sportsmanship, fair play, responsibility, self confidence/self esteem.

    The purpose of the Health and Fitness Education Program is to develop learners of a healthy lifestyle (mental, emotional, social, physical) by providing tools necessary for students to be physically active and make beneficial health decision now and for a lifetime.

    Course Description: This course will involve a wide variety physical activity, in addition to written assignments.  The emphasis of this course will be on developing a variety of health related, complex motor and cognitive skills that provide the student with the tools necessary to pursue life long physical activity. 

    Announcements & Information:
    Activity Logs are a great way to be active outside of class.  Also, a way families can do activities together and students can earn credit for their activities. 

    Activity Logs can be done and turned in throughout the quarter.   Tuesday before the last day of the quarter is the final day we will accept activity logs.

    Please use the links to the left to access an activity log.