How to Communicate Questions or Concerns

  • Before coming to the School Board with a specific question, concern, or issue, we encourage you to begin with the staff member closest to the concern. Most complaints can be resolved by informal discussions with the staff member.
    At each "step," the person with the concern should request the person at that level to assist them in the process of moving an unresolved question or concern to the next level.
    1. Discuss the issue first with the teacher, guidance counselor or staff member closest to the concern.
    2. If the issue is not resolved, visit with the principal (this may be the first step if it is a school-wide concern).
    3. If still not satisfied, file a written complaint with the Superintendent’s office, describing the problem, all steps taken to resolve the issue and a suggested solution. The Superintendent will send copies to the principal and any staff member involved in the complaint. The Superintendent will then attempt to resolve the matter through a conference with the citizen, staff member(s), and principal.
    4. If still unresolved and after all other avenues have been exhausted, the Superintendent will present the issue to the Board. The Board will attempt to make a final resolution of the matter. If the complaint is against a staff member, the Board may call an executive session to discuss the matter. Any formal actions by the Board will take place at an open meeting.