Instructional Framework

  • The Marzano Instructional Framework is a research-based framework that provides a comprehensive and practical guide for effective teaching. Developed by Dr. Robert Marzano, the framework is grounded in decades of research on what works best in the classroom. The framework is designed to guide teacher instruction and promote student learning by focusing on three critical areas: classroom strategies and behaviors, planning and preparation, and reflective practices. The framework emphasizes the use of evidence-based instructional strategies, such as cooperative learning, direct instruction, and scaffolding, as well as effective classroom management and student engagement practices. It also emphasizes the importance of ongoing assessment and data analysis to inform instruction and promote student growth. By using the Marzano Instructional Framework to guide teacher instruction, we are able to ensure that our students receive high-quality instruction that is grounded in best practices and promotes their academic success.

    Marzano Instructional Framework