Schedule Changes

  • Once student schedules are finalized prior to each semester, there will be limited opportunities to make schedule changes.  An administrator has the final approval for a schedule change if necessary.  Priorities for making schedule changes are:

    1. Academic misplacement
    2. Fulfillment of graduation requirements
    3. Resolve scheduling conflicts

    Parent and student requests for schedule changes outside these priorities will be considered based on class availability and balance.  Students request changes by turning in a completed Schedule Change Form to the counseling office.  Changes are not final until a counselor makes the change in the student management system.

    Students who need to drop a class due to medical reasons, as verified by a Medical Professional, may do so. Students need to work with their counselor.

    Students who receive services through Special Education and English Language Learner programs may drop a class if a change of placement is being made by their teacher manager. This change requires counselor/school psychologist approval.