• FFA History
    Founded in 1928, the Future Farmers of America brought together students, teachers and agribusiness to solidify Kansas City Hotel Baltimore. The place the first ever FFA meeting took place
    support for agricultural education. In Kansas City's Baltimore Hotel, 33 young farm boys charted a course for the future.
    They could not have foreseen how the organization would grow and thrive.
    Since 1928, millions of agriculture students - no one knows exactly how many - have donned the official FFA jacket
    and championed the FFA creed. FFA has opened its doors and its arms to minorities and women, ensuring that all
    students could reap the benefits of agricultural education.
    Today, the National FFA Organization remains committed to the individual student, providing a path to achievement in
    premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Now, the organization is
    expanding the nation's view of "traditional" agriculture and finding new ways to infuse agriculture into the classroom.


    Yelm FFA History
    The Yelm FFA was incorporated April 25, 1941 and has enjoyed 70 years of being a part of the Washington State FFA Organization.

    The National Chapter Award Program


    The National Chapter award system rewards chapters for their activities and development of their program of activities.  The award focuses on three areas, Community Development, Chapter Development, and Student Development.  Ten chapters are selected from across the nation in each of the three areas to compete at the National Convention in the Models of Innovation competition.


    1986-Silver Superior Chapter Award

    1987-Gold Safety Award, Gold BOAC Award

    1988-Gold Safety Award, Gold BOAC Award, Gold Superior Chapter

    1989-Gold Safety Award, Gold BOAC Award, Silver Superior Chapter

    1990-Gold Safety Award, Bronze BOAC Award, Gold Superior Chapter

    1991-Silver Safety Award, Silver BOAC Award, Gold Superior Chapter

    1992-Gold Safety Award, Gold BOAC Award, Bronze Superior Chapter

    1993-Gold Safety Award, Gold BOAC Award Bronze Superior Chapter Award

    1994-Gold Safety Award, Gold BOAC Award, Bronze Superior Chapter Award

    1995-Gold Safety Award, Gold BOAC Award, Gold Superior Chapter Award, 2nd in National BOAC Award

    1996-National Finalist (Top 10 in Nation) Community Development and Chapter Development, 3 Star Chapter

    1997-National Finalist (Top 10 in Nation) Community Development and Chapter Development, 3 Star Chapter

    1998-National Finalist Community Development, 3 Star Chapter

    1999-National Chapter Award, 3 Star Chapter

    2000-National Finalist Community Development, 3 Star Chapter

    2001-National Finalist Community Development, 3 Star Chapter

    2002-Models of Innovation Finalist in Community Development, 3 Star Chapter

    2003-Models of Innovation Finalist in Chapter and Community Development (Top 10 in Nation), 3 Star Chapter

    2004-Models of Innovation Finalist in Student Development (Top 10 in Nation), 3 Star Chapter

    2005-Models of Innovation Finalist in Community Development (Top 10 in Nation), 3 Star Chapter

    2006-Models of Innovation Finalist in Student Development (Top 10 in Nation), 3 Star Chapter

    2007-Models of Innovation Finalist in Community Development (Top 10 in Nation), 3 Star Chapter

    2008-3 Star Chapter National Gold Award

    2009-Model of Innovation Finalist in Community Development (Top 10 in Nation), 3 Star Chapter

    2010-Model of Innovation Winner in Community Development (Number 1 in Nation), 3 Star Chapter


    Yelm FFA State Degree Award Recipients


    In order to earn the State FFA Degree a member must:

    1.  Have the Chapter FFA Degree

    2.  Be a FFA member for at least 24 months

    3.  Be enrolled in the 2nd year of agriculture instruction.

    4.  Demonstrate leadership ability in parliamentary  procedure, speaking, as an officer, or member

                   of a committee

    5.  Have a satisfactory GPA



    Yelm State Degree Holders

    Robert Sickles-1944                      Jackie Price-1951                         David McMonigle-1952

    Ronald Sickle-1952                        Larry Sickle-1953                        Ronnie Mueller-1953

    Charles Capen-1953                      Darell Peoples- 1953                    Don Englund-1954

    Bill Lewis-1954                              Jim Wilcox-1954                           Greg McKown-1957

    Terry Wright-1957                        Leslie A. Beck-1957                     Daniel J Longmire- 1961

    Barry Warwick-1961                     Brent Warwick-1961                   Stewart Carlson-1969

    Charles McMonigle-1971              Keith Crimmins-1971                  Hal Jorgensen-1973

    Steve Wulfekuhle-1973                John Hummel-1974                     Tim Thetford-1974   

    Peggy Anderson-1975                   Edie McMonigle-1975                 Louse Tacker-1974

    Ron Rothwell-1977                        Jessica Malay-1978                      Clifford Anderson-1972   

    John Alimann-1981                       Sherrie Duvall-1981                     Steve Elwanger-1982  

    Bryan Elwanger-1982                   Mike Brown-1984                        Annthea Metrakes-1984

    Kim Huber-1984                            Kitty Ivey-1984                           Brad Whiting-1984

    Jim Langford-1985                        Ken Klumpp-1985                       Retta Ross-1985

    Tracy Roe-1985                             Rick Roberts-1985                       Ruth Donahue-1985

    Erin Ely-1985                                 Dan Ivey-1985                              Mike Knoerr-1986

    Keri Gatke-1986*$                        Rex Carpenter-1986                    Kevin Ray-1986

    Jay Warren-1986*                         Eric Smalley-1986                       Bob Schuetz-1986

    Pat Motz-1986                                Sean Brown-1986                        Ken Gatke-1986

    Ray Lasher-1986                           Merle Lowe-1986                        Jay Wilson-1986

    Gary Kid- 1986*                            Billy Holifield-1987                      Brian Manley-1987

    Todd Meyers-1987                        Larry Hopkins-1987                    Scott Sadoski-1987

    Josh Henderson-1987                   Lance Sigears-1987                     Russ Metcalf-1987

    Kim Spivey-1988                           Curtis Pfaff-1988                         John Binkley-1988

    Travis Arnott-1988                       Mike Triem-1988                        Greg Jones-1988

    Wendy Dragt-1988                        Shanon Horsman-1988              Chris McDowell-  1988               

     Sherrie Duvall-1989                     Chris Ross-1989                          Rayanna Lenz-1989

    Julie Horst-1989                            Tony Scott-1989                          Travis Smith-1989

    Cory Susan-1989                           Shane Chance-1989                     Jackie Markham-1989

    Chuck Myers-1989*                     Todd Toburen-1989                    Todd Wallace-1989

    Robin Yoder-1989                        Walt Copen-1989                         Wade Kowalski-1990

    Dean Games-1990                        Karen Soto-1990                         James Pulsipher-1990

    Greg O’Neal-1990                         Lisa Mercier-1990                      Kraig Kominski-1990

    Pat Bryan-1990                             Mike Henslee-1990                    Glenn Schorno-1990

    Jack Dolman-1990                        Kevin McInnis-1990                   LeEell Burnside-1991

    Scott Cebula-1991                         Denise Crockett-1991                 Trevor Garoutte-1991                

    Ivan Giddings-1991                      Kristi Holland-1991                     Andy Kirsten-1991

    Gordy LeBlanc-1991                     Bobby McGill-1991                     John Aultman-1991

    Traci Neuman-1991                      Mike Patterson-1991                  Walter Reichel-1991

    Chris Wilkenson-1991                  Tyler McMonigle-1991                Jake Wilson-1991

    Jerad Wilson-1991                        J.R. Yates-1991                            Tracy Barnes-1991

    Julie Dragt-1992                           Mark Dragt-1992                         Kurt Klumpp-1992

    Scott Loper-1992                          Pat MacDonald-1992                   Chris McIntyre-1992

    Robert Mensonides-1992            Richard Schneider-1992              Kim Shultz-1992

    Don Torrey-1992                          Debbie Wilson-1992@                 Jon Osborne-1992

    Sara Justus-1992                          Damian Longmire-1992             Jennifer Aldrich-1993           

    Josh Anderson-1993                     Jeni Arnott-1993                         Paul Garcia-1993

    Tony Gott-1993                             Shad Horsman-1993                    Megan Kroger-1993

    Earl Morre-1993                           Jesse O’Neal-1993                      Aaron Sledge-1993

    Tim Thomas-1993                        Rob Mensonides-1993                Autumn Burnson-1993

    Elizabeth Bohon-1994*                Della Burnside-1994                   Cary Burnside-2994

    Walter Coffel-1994                       Jennifer Erickson-1994                Jake Ward-1994

    Forrest Bergin-1994@                 Becca Anderson-1994                 Scott Stewart-1994

    Brian Signal-1995                         Stanley Phillips-1995                   Kari Boyer-1995

    Tim Chipman-1995                      Jessica Rasmussen-1995             Leanne Crossland-1996

    Brian Signal-1996                         Michelle Ney-1996                       Daniece Witt-1996

    Daniel Burnson-1996                    Ryan Mensonides-1997               Melissa Ney-1997

    Shane Ericson-1997@                  Brian Carlson-1997*                    Kevin Brown-1997

    Brian Signal-1997                          Melvin Porter-1997                     Dennis Horton-1997

    Rosanne Wood-1997                     Kirk Smith-1998*                        Tammi Vining-1998    

    Jeremy Olson-1998                      Krissy Purvis-1998                      Deborah Carlson-1998

    Johnie Vossie-1998                       Nick Gendron-1999                     Shane Long-1999

    Kacey Pruvis-1999                        Rachel Willemson-1999              Becki Riches-1999*

    Becky Wallace-2000@                 Jacquie Loyer-2000                    Rosie Jacobs-2000

    Marcus Brown-2000                    James Hutson-2000                    Amanda Nykreim-2000

    Alex Whitefield-2000                   Shaw Seibold-2000                      Debbie Dean-2000

    Marlin Langworthy-2000            Amanda Fey-2000                       Cody Aston-2001

    Amy Vanfleet-2001                       Cody Quillan-2001                       Jake Johnson-2001

    Kristin Ervin-2001                        Josh McLaughlin-2001                Stephanie Bishop-2001

    Mike Mensonides-2001                Liz Gendron-2001                        Chad Jackson-2001

    Liz Gendron-2001                         Michelle Jacobs-2002                  Kristy Wold-2002       

    Tim Ney-2002                               Jamie Yoder-2002                       Hannah Lafountaine-2002

    Terry Jewell-2002                        Andrew Ofalla-2002                    Shauna Anderson-2002

    Lee Spencer-2002                         Christina Boyd-2002                   Kris Michener-2002

    Dave Moss-2002                           Alexis Leonard-2002                   Chris Wright-2003

    Jenna Mahoney-2003                   Louie Gillespie III-2003             Christina Schley-2003

    Amanda Ocheltree-2004              Megan Kunde-2004                    Craig Mounts-2004

    Christa Gillespie-2004                  Travis Bednar-2004                    Ashley Broshious-2004

    Lindsey Anderson-2004               Elizabeth Smith-2004                  Scott Brown-2005

    Michelle Hicks-2005                     Ralph Reagan-2005                      Joanna Shore-2005@

    Samantha Kunde-2005                 Tamara Mahoney-2005              Colleen Jones-2005

    Kelsey Connelly-2005                   Sarah Neuharth-2006                  Mat Kunde-2006 @

    Amy Soderquist-2006                  Audrey Patrick-2006                    Kelsey Anderson-2006

    Jackie Yoder-2007                        James Coggeshall-2007                Tony Roberts-2007

    Danny Bell-2007                            Charlotte Seidel-2007                   Paige Skewis-2008

    CJ Radawick-2008                        Jacob Neuharth-2008                   Tabitha Benson-2008

    Anita Jodikinos-2008                    Chad Mahoney-2008                    Joni Renew-2008

    Melodea Musser-2008                  Erin Liden-2008                            Brandon Roberts-2008

    Katie Black-2009*                         Tiffany Shore-2009@                   Bailey Ross-2009

    Chelsea Martinez-Blakely-2009 Murissa Martinez-Blakely-2009 Olivia Wall-2009

    Mitchell Bell-2009                         Desiree Miller-2009                      Andrew Winther-2009

    Austin Baker-2009                        Tristan Geray-2009                      Makaila Woodard-2009

    Awhina Robinson-2009                 Rachel Neuharth-2010                 Carrisa Thomas-2010

    Courtney Kumpp-2010                 Brandi Guillemette-2010             Steven Waller-2010

    Jaella Levien-2010                        Cody Howard-2010                       Alex Heid-2010

    Samantha George-2010                Hallie Reed-Smith-2010              Magan Deschenes-2010

    Josh Landron-2010                       Hanna Hopkins-2010                    Paige Henry-2010

    Donnie Wilcox-2010*                    Carissa Corrigan – 2011               Chris White - 2011

    Fatima Scotto – 2011                    Jon Dehan - 2011*                        Nick Fredrickson-2011* +


    * District Star Placement

    @ District Star Farmer

    + Star District Business Winner


    State FFA Honorary Degrees



    Mr. James Metrakes-1971          Mr. John McMonigle-1973       Mr. Albert McMonigle-1973

    Mr. Paul Qualis-1993                   Mr. Sam Yoder-2004               Mr. Mike Patrick – 2011        
    Mrs. Elaine Lewis – 2011            Mrs. Dustina Nash – 2011        Mrs. Rebecca Wallace – 2011

    Mrs. Sheryl Cleavinger – 2011   Mrs. Dawn Lantz - 2011           Mr. Matt Mounts – 2011


    American FFA Degree Winners

     Kitty Ivey-1986                           Pat Motz-1989                             Gary Kidd-1989

    Jay Wilson-1989*                         Tyler McMonigle-1990              Chuck Myers-1990

    Tim Norris-1992                           Jack Dalman-1992                      Julie Horst-1992

    Greg O’Neal-1992                         Tracy Barnes-1992                     Troy Sheesley-1992

    James Pulshiper-1993                  Andy Kirsten-1995                     Brian Carlson-1999

    Michelle Ney-1999                        Ryan Mensonides-1999             Melissa Ney-1999

    Daniece Witt-1999                        Nick Gendron-2000                   Shawn Siebold-2002*

    Rebecca Wallace-2003                 Mike Mensonides-2003             Lee Spencer-2003

    Kristin Ervin-2003                        Dave Moss-2004                        Alexis Leonard-2004

    Micki Jacobs-2004                        Hannah Lafountaine-2004        Tim Ney-2004

    Jamie Yoder-2004                        Amanda Ocheltree-2006           Craig Mounts-2006

    Louie Gillespie III-2006               Lindsey Anderson-2006           Megan Kunde-2006

    Joanna Shore-2006                       Samantha Kunde-2007              Christa Gillespie-2007

    Kelsey Anderson-2008                 James Coggeshall-2008             Jackie Yoder-2008

    Daniel Bell-2008                            Tony Roberts-2009                    Sarah Neuharth-2009

    Tiffany Shore-2010                       Olivia Wall - 2011