Home-Based Instruction

  • Welcome to Yelm Community School's Home-Based Instruction page. This site is designed to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and to provide necessary forms and resources. 

    If you have questions or need assistance, please call the District Office  at 360.458.1900.

Declaration of Intent

    Declaration of Intent to Homeschool Form (Fillable PDF)

    The "Declaration of Intent" must be completed by the parent/guardian and returned to Debbie Stillwell at the District Office by September 15 or within two weeks of the beginning of any quarter, trimester or semester. Washington State law requires that a new declaration be filed each school year.

    RCW 28A.225 defines instruction as home-based if it consists of planned and supervised instructional and related educational activities including curriculum and instruction in the basic skills of occupational education, science, mathematics, language, social studies, history, health, reading, writing, spelling, and the development of an appreciation of art and music.
    Total annual program hours are as follows:

    • Kindergarten at least a total of 450 hours
    • Grades 1 -12 an annual average total of 1,000 hours

    RCW 28A.200 recognizes that all decisions relating to philosophy or doctrine; selection of books, teaching materials, and curriculum; and methods, timing, place in the provision or evaluation of home-based instruction shall be the responsibility of the parent except for matters specifically referred to in RCW 28A.225.

Parent Qualifications

  • A parent must either a). Be supervised by a certificated teacher who has contact with the child for one hour per week average per month, b). Have earned the equivalent of 45 college-level quarter credit hours, c). Have taken a course in home-based instruction at a post-secondary institution or vocational technical institute, or d). Been deemed sufficiently qualified by the local superintendent.

Information and Regulations

Yelm Community Schools Testing

  • If your student is in a grade level affected by the Yelm Community Schools or State Assessment program, he/she may go to their neighborhood school to access the assessments at the times scheduled for testing. The parent/guardian should contact the principal of their student's resident school if the student will be participating in the testing program at least two weeks prior to the scheduled test.

Annual Testing

  • Contact your neighborhood school for details on annual testing.