Safety is a Focus in Our Schools

  • Yelm Community Schools is focused on safety issues throughout the district and creating a sense of security for all students, staff and visitors.

    When a safety-related incident occurs on or near a Yelm school, we strive to communicate quickly and accurately with families. Here are some things to know:

    • lockdown means all campus doors are locked, and students remain inside their classrooms but instruction continues. This may occur when there is potential danger in the surrounding community.
    • An enhanced lockdown means there is an active threat on campus. Staff apply ALICE techniques and use facts available in the moment to make informed decisions. This is a proactive strategy allowing students and staff to get away from a dangerous situation. SRO’s, Campus Security, and Staff have been trained on ALICE protocols.

    In the event of a safety-related incident, the top priority is ensuring staff and students are safe. Our partnerships with law enforcement are critical in our ability to respond and communicate during a crisis situation.  After that occurs, school leaders will communicate with families through School Messenger to keep them updated as appropriate.

    District staff and Student Resource Officers (SRO) are trained in ALICE on how to respond in these scenarios.  This national training focuses on response protocols.  All administrators have introduced the ALICE model and are continuing to discuss ways to implement these practices with our students.

Reporting Safety Concerns

  • Effective January 1, 2024, Yelm Community Schools will no longer be using STOP IT! to report concerns. We remain committed to addressing concerns related to student safety. Below are the priority resources to access when seeking support or reporting safety concerns.

    If there is an immediate risk to life or safety, please call 911.

  • During School Hours

  • After School Hours

  • Crimestoppers