Facts on Facilities
  • In February of 2018, a bond measure was put before the voters in our district to rebuild Yelm Middle School and Southworth Elementary, to renovate Prairie Elementary, and to complete safety upgrades at the other campuses in the district.  That measure received a 59% “Yes” vote, just short of the required supermajority.

    The Yelm Community Schools decided to re-design the Facilities Advisory Committee for the purpose of reviewing the nature of our school facilities and develop short and long term planning goals.  The adivsory committee would be comprised of district staff,  community members and experts in the construction and project management fields.

    This adivsory committee was charged with preparing a set of recommendations to our school board in response to the following questions.

    1. From a review of all our school facilities, are there different combinations of new construction and renovation for review prior to running another bond measure?
    2. Safety is a significant concern in our community.  What features could be incorporated into the design of new schools to enhance school safety and community confidence?  What are the costs of these features?
    3. For schools not designated for new construction, what features could be added to enhance school safety and community confidence?  What are the costs of those features?

    The meeting schedule and minutes are provided to the right.  Additional products of the committee's work are provided within this website.


    Aug 20 @ 3pm/DO - Leadership
    Aug 23 @ 1pm/DO - Leadership
    Sept 6 @ 3pm/DO - Leadership
    Sept 13 @ 6pm/YMS - Committee
    Sept 19 @ 11am/DO - Leadership
    Sept 25 @ 6pm/SW - Committee
    Sept 27 @ 6pm/DO - Board Meeting/Committee Introduction
    Oct 2 @ 6pm/McKenna - Community Feedback
    Oct 9 @ 6pm/Prairie - Committee
    Oct 17 @ 11am/DO - Leadership
    Oct 24 @ 6pm/DO - Committee
    Nov 5 @ 6pm/YMS - Community Feedback
    Nov 13 @ 6pm/DO - Committee
    Nov 20 @ 6pm/DO - Board Meeting/Committee & CSYS Recommendation of Bond Resolution
    Nov 21 - Publish Request of FOR/AGAINST Committees
    Dec 13 @ 6pm/DO - Board Confirms FOR/AGAINST Committees
    Dec 14 - Resolution Deadline for Thurston & Pierce County