• On February 12, 2019, Yelm Community Schools will put a bond measure in front of voters for approval.  This bond, unlike earlier attempts, is truly the result of incredible community work and input. We asked the community for its tough feedback and we listened intently.  That feedback stated that the most important facilities needs were to detail a safety improvement program for each school and to replace two schools - Yelm Middle School and Southworth Elementary.  There are no school remodel projects on this bond. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have needs, but our community feedback directed us to focus on the most pressing issues now.

    Additionally, our school board provided guidance that in addition to responding to community input, the bond measure needed to take advantage of the changing property tax laws that impact schools.  We are in a time where local education levies will shrink. Our board directed us to put together a bond measure that took advantage of the new laws, and is “property tax neutral” for our voters. We feel confident that the amount the local levy goes down is more than the increase from the bond reducing the tax burden on our citizens.

    This bond measure will allow Yelm Community Schools to address the growth we have experienced since the last bond passed in 2003.  In fact, this community has only passed 2 bond measures in the past 28 years. Since 2003 the district has grown by 1,500 students and more growth is on the way.  This bond will address that growth until approximately 2025 when we could need a new elementary school.

Proposed School Tax Rates

  • Proposed School Tax Rates

1966 Facilities which are still part of YMS today

1966 facilities which are still part of YMS today
  • In 1966 Yelm Community Schools added facilities to the back side of the high school which was located on Edwards St (what is now the YMS staff parking lot). These buildings were used as a foundation of the YMS remodel in 1982.  The girls gym is now the cafeteria.  The first building on the right is currently used for art and health.  It was also the wood shop until 2017 and converted this year into Physical Education classes. The building on the left behind the covered walkway are classrooms and the library which are still used today.


Important Dates

  • Nov 20 - Board Adopts Resolution

    Dec 5 - For & Against Committee Volunteer Deadline 5pm

    Jan 14 - Update/Register to Vote

    Jan 24 - Ballots Mailed to Registered Voters

    Feb 12 - Election Day