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  • Hybrid Transition Update 10.6.20

    Hybrid Transition Update 10.6.20

    First, I want to thank you for engaging with us as we plan to shift to hybrid instruction. We know how important it is for you to have some sort of in-person educational experience for your students. We are also keenly aware of how hard the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting you and our community. Our hybrid planning was based on a significant drop in COVID-19 transmissions, and our county health experts withdrew restrictions on in-person instruction. Unfortunately, in the past two weeks, case transmissions have spiked severely, reaching record high levels last week.

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  • Board Approves Transition to Hybrid

    Board Approves Transition to Hybrid

    On September 24, the School Board approved the modifications to our reopening plan supporting the slow, transition to hybrid instruction. We are excited to bring our students back safely. Over half of our K-5 families have completed the survey.

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  • Slow Transition to Hybrid

    Slow Transition to Hybrid

    Based on new guidance from the Thurston County Health Department, we will soon be able to serve elementary students on campus following a phased in approach. We will begin with grades K-2 and transition to 3-5 during the month of October. Read more and complete the survey by Monday at 9am.

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  • Welcome Back 9.1.20

    Welcome Back 9.1.20

    On behalf of our teachers, principals and all our staff, we welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year. We are excited to re-connect with our students and families,. We understand the challenges that lie ahead and are ready to work with each of you to best meet your learning needs.

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  • Superintendent Message 8.20.20

    Superintendent Message 8.20.20

    Learn about the daily schedule, food service operations and other parent resources.

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