COVID-19 Information

  • Per the Thurston County Health Department:

    Although the state of emergency declaration is ending in Washington State, COVID-19 is still circulating in our community and poses a risk to public health.  Per Thurston County Public Health and Social Services, any student or staff member exhibiting one or more of the listed symptoms on the  Flowchart for Symptomatic Students and Staff  (Spanish pending) (Vietnamese pending) updated February 2023 should stay home or may be sent home.

    We understand that one symptom may seem excessive, and judgment is needed. We want to ensure a healthy learning environment while maintaining strong attendance where possible. Please review information provided by the Washington State Health Department on how to “Take Care, WA - Living Better and Safer Through COVID-19.” We also recommend students and staff wear a mask if they have a mild symptom of cough, congestion or sore throat to prevent the spread.

    If a student is displaying symptoms, we will contact guardians to pick up the student and provide an at-home COVID test.  If the guardian provides approval, a trained COVID tester may test a student on campus or the staff member can self-test.

    This flowchart is in alignment with the updated Washington State Department of Health guidance and Department of Labor and Industries requirements.