• Yelm High school is hosting the annual College and Career Fair on Tuesday, Sept 27th in the Main Gym 5pm-7pm.  Open House will run the same time in the Auxiliary Gym.  

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  • Weekly Bulletin Sept 26-Oct 1

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  • Please get your sports registrations done early!  Parents can log onto and complete the paperwork now to ensure your athlete is cleared for the first day of practice.  Also, remember the school must have a copy of both pages of your physical form (the exam history page and the signature page).

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  • Student Fines
    Students must have all fines cleared prior to participating in sports, purchasing dance tickets and receiving diploma and transcripts.
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    No Balloons - Due to severe allergies of  students we do not allow balloons of any kind on YHS campus. This includes the stadium and the parking lot  for special events. 
    No parking @ the Moose Lodge & Twin Star Credit Union - These businesses are not to be used as parking, loitering or drop off and pick up places for students. Please drop off students in front of the main building (parallel to the main road). 
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  • Online Payments Payments for ASB, Yearbook, sports, class fees or food service can be made through the online payment option on our website.  You may be asked for an ASB sticker number at check out, please put in any number or NS (no sticker) to continue.  A sticker number will be assigned at the ASB office when your student comes to get the ASB sticker. 

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YHS has the best students and staff! See below for Staff and Student Spotlights from September 15-21. See the menu to the left to spotlight a YHS student or staff member today!

Student Spotlights

George Chaidez: "George has been an absolute delight in class. He has been paired with a foreign exchange student in my class and has been a wonderful role model, answering her questions and helping her with group and partner assignments." (Mr. Christiansen)
Heather Gorman: "For always helping others and wanting to see everyone smile." (anonymous)
Samantha Crawford: "Samantha Crawford has taught me the value of true friendship and determination. She is a wonderful person, she is extremely sweet, caring, and an absolute joy to have around. I am very glad she is my best friend." (anonymous)
Lillian Saviano: "She gives fantastic advice and can be seen bringing people up and not pushing them down." (anonymous)
Brent Waage: "Brent is a very determined student, and worker. I have never met someone so focused and so skilled as him. He is incredibly caring, and I am very thankful to have had him in my life." (anonymous)
Christian Andrade:"I recently met Christian upon arriving at YHS. He is one of the kindest, most selfless people you will ever meet. He is constantly doing for others and bringing positivity to the class and all around him. I, myself was astonished by his remarkable kindness and willingness to do for others. He has had a rather large impact on my life and attitude towards life. His simple RAOK (random acts of kindness) have never failed to put a smile on my face and absolutely make my day. He has inspired me to be kinder to others and has taught me that even the littlest things you do for others (even just having common courtesy) can have a big impact on peoples lives, attitudes, and days. Thank you Christian, for all that you do for others and for me. :)"  (Madison Moxley)
Staff Spotlights:

Ms. Winieki: "You do an amazing job with the ASB leadership students. Your hard work and great connections really show in their performance and commitment to improving this school. Keep up the great work!" (Mr. Gilmore)
ALL Staff: "An amazing first week of school. The atmosphere has been contagious. Keep up the great work." (Ms. DuRocher)
Mrs. Rogich: "Every day this week I witnessed Mrs. Rogich at her door welcoming students, asking them questions about their summers and helping the lost. I know it's something teachers are supposed to do, but you can tell she's genuinely interested in her students and what is important to them." (anonymous)
Ms. Carbone: "What a remarkable staffer! Mrs. Carbone is brilliant at making all students and staff feel welcome and is fast to accommodate every request." (anonymous)
Amber Wasankari: "Amber has done a wonderful job mentoring me so far, making sure I have everything I need in order to provide students with the best education possible." (Mr. Chistiansen)
Mr. Magrath: "Mr. Magrath is an exceedingly cool teacher, and he makes the learning environment a fun place to be in. Teachers like him make coming to school exciting and worth it, and i'm glad I got to have him as my English teacher." (anonymous)
Ryan Akiyama 


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