Welcome to Southworth!  As principal, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to Southworth Elementary for the 2014-2015 school year.  Our staff and parent/guardians agree that a well-informed, involved learning community is essential for student success.  By combining all of our efforts, we are better able to offer our students the quality and varied programs they deserve.  Thanks for being partners with us in creating a school that learns!  It is our hope that Southworth Elementary memories will be happy ones for you and your children. 


Dear parents/guardians:

In response to our growing numbers we have been working on adding two classrooms in the form of a portable.  Currently the ground work is being done in the staff parking lot by the baseball field for this new portable.  During construction, our staff is parking out front leaving the main parking lot for visitors and families. Please use the main parking lot for dropping off your child to ensure they are safely supervised. 
A district lock down drill will be happening soon.  These drills are designed to help ensure student safety.  We will be trying out our new lock down bell and strobe light notification system.  If you see the blue strobe light flashing near the main building please do not walk up to the  building as we are in a lock down.  If a real lock down occurs, a letter will be sent home and an autodialer done to inform you of the situation.  We will be conducting three lock down drills this year per state law.  Please talk with your child about the importance of conducting safety drills to keep them safe. 

Respectfully, Charles Cook

Southworth Elementary Principal






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