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Why Jump Rope for Heart?

Heart disease is our nation's No. 1 killer; stroke is No. 3 and a leading cause of serious disability.  Every year, about 870,000 Americans die from cardiovascular diseases and stroke.  That's about 36 percent of all deaths.

These diseases may remain critical problems in the future because of poor lifestyle habits among American adults and children.  For example, only one of 10 Americans participates in 30 minutes or more of vigorous activity everyday.  In addition,

  • Over 15 percent of children and adolescents are overweight.
  • 4 million children have above-normal blood pressure.
  • 27 million children have high cholesterol.

Healthy lifestyles can help prevent heart disease and stroke.  Eating healthy, nutritious foods, being physically active, staying tobacco-free, and maintaining a healthy blood pressure and weight are all part of a healthy lifestyle. 


By helping the American Heart Association through Jump Rope for Heart, you will have helped your family, friends and neighbors live healthier lives.  JRFH envelopes with money are due Friday, February 13th.  If you raised money online, bring a printed copy of the summary.  Go to http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Giving/ForIndividuals/JoinanEvent/jump-rope-sub-home_UCM_315609_SubHomePage.jsp , click student sign up.  Click on the Washington state, write McKenna in the search box, and click on McKenna Elementary.  On this page, click Check Reports then enter student name and password.  Print the report and return it with the donation envelope. Thanks again for being a Heart Hero!


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