Pioneer Times

updated, Dec. 21, 2012

100% Club 
Austin, Kaylee, Hannah, Alyssa,Ashlynn, and Gwyneth all earned 100% on their big Core 2 math test!  Keep up the great work! 
Daily Schedule 
9:12- 9:30   Morning math
9:30- 10:35   Walk-to-read
10:35- 11:35    Math
11:35-  12:15   Specialist
12:25- 1:05    Lunch & Recess 
1:05- 1:30   Read Aloud
1:30- 2:00 Opportunity Time (Math)
2:00- 2:35   Reading
2:35- 3:05   Writing, Science, or Social Studies
3:05- 3:20   Recess
3:20- 3:40    Vocabulary
3:45     Go Home 
As you can see, we have a VERY busy schedule. We don't waste a minute of the day. So PLEASE have your child to school on time, all day, every day if possible.
Specialist Schedule 
 Monday- Music
Tuesday- PE (wear appropriate clothing)
Wednesday- Art
                                    Library check-out every-other week(bring your library book) 
Thursday- Music
Friday- PE 

November Students of the Month

CARE Student-    
Eagle Student-     
Writing Sudents-   Molly and McKenzie
 Thank You!
To the parents who have sent in snack, helped in the classroom. We not only have a wonderful group of students this year, we supportive parents. Thank you!!!
Your child may be talking about becoming a Self-Manager. If you would like to know more about this program, I have posted a list of criteria and the benefits of being a Self-Manager under the Class Forms & Permission Slips link on our classroom website. Our current Self-Managers are; Midori, Kyan, Molly, Austin, Anton, Kaylee, Clinton, Hannah, Alyssa, Kamron, Emily, Maria, Joe, Ashlynn, Antonio, Logan, Grace, Isyss, Christian, McKenzie, Kaiden, Vanessa, and Gwyneth. We have a very responsible class! They have the chance to earn their badges every Friday.
That's Trouble
Helping us to make the right choices.
1. Name the trouble (That's trouble, that is bullying!)
2. Tell the consequences (if we do that we might get sent to the principal's office)
3. Give a new idea (instead of that let's go play wall-ball) 
4. Tell the person If you want to play with me I'll be (paying wall-ball)
5. Walk backwards while you talk (you are silently leading your friend away from trouble)
6. Go play (wall-ball)
We have been working on a great strategy to stay out of trouble when our friends mayIt is hard to tell friends NO. Have them act this out with you or a sibling at home. The more they practice, the better chance they will actually use it!